Auschwitz was the largest of the German Nazi concentration camps and extermination centres.
Over 1.1 million Men, Women and Children lost their lives here.

Many new arrivals were sent straight to their deaths upon arrival, never given a number, nor entered into the camp records. Those who were ‘fortunate’ enough to survive the initial selection process, their often short time in the camp is impossible to imagine, but we know it was one of constant hunger, pain, brutality, terror, fear and the knowledge they could so easily be next.

The prisoners only priority was the fight for survival – To live for just one more day.
Today the camps serve as a memorial, museum and a constant reminder to humanity. The day I visited, it was a cold misty autumn day. I will never forget the eerie atmosphere that day. Misty silence, not a sound could be heard that day in camp II, no birdsong in the air or noise from another living creature, along with the uneasy feeling of an unseen presence following and watching my journey around the camp. On that day it was as if all life had completely abandoned this place, which has seen so much death.



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